A suite of 25+ out-of-the-box Reports are available within ActiveControl to help manage the SAP Change Management process within your organisation.

Report Description
Task Status Report This operational report gives detailed project and task level status information. It provides a snapshot of the status of projects giving both detailed and summary information about the status of all items relating to the projects.
Some of the key data that can be reported upon is:

• Project/Task/Transport reporting showing the current deployment status (e.g. In development, In test, Awaiting production, etc.)
• Project/Task reporting showing the current planning status
• The full details of all items returned (Projects/Tasks/Transports) for the selected criteria are available along with a high level summary of the number of items in each status
Transport Location by Project / Path The Transport Location report displays all transport forms belonging to a particular Project or Transport path and where they currently “sit” within the landscape.
Transport Locn by Date/Obj/Proj/Ownr This report provides transport and location information as follows:
• Retention: For a selected period, the transports with import date/time and duration of “retention” in all relevant systems in the selected transport path
• Object: For one or more objects, the transports imported in selected systems
• Project: For a project, where the relevant transports are located
• Owner: For one or more transport owners, where the relevant transports are located
Transport Import Progress by Path The Import Status report displays all transport requests for a given transport path and into which systems the transport has been imported. The report allows for you to specify whether you want the ActiveControl view of the transport request (i.e. whether ActiveControl believes the transport was imported) or via the TMS view which examines the transport logs to determine whether the transport was imported. Alternatively, both views can be combined.

Each system in the transport path is displayed dynamically, and whether the transport has or hasn’t been imported into that given target is displayed.
Transport Import Status across Paths This report is an extension of the Import Status Report, but allows you to view transports over multiple paths. For the report to format the data properly, the Roles assigned to each Target must be consistent across the paths
Build List Report This Build List report allows you to sequence all Transports and manual activities for a group of transports in a control point and to give estimated timings using previous import history. This report allows you to create an always up-to-date build list for project cut-overs
Change Metrics Report This report will give totals transport imports (and associated tasks) into selected systems for a date / time range. It can be used to report metrics for systems and projects by priority, group, type, etc.
Transport & Task Activity & Events Audit This report can be used to show an audit of ActiveControl activities and events. This includes Imports (including import errors), Inbox/Outbox approvals and rejections, Test Signoff approvals or rejections, Mark as Imported, Mark as Manually Applied, Added to Import Queue, Added to Control Point, etc.

The data can be reported at transport level or task and project level as required.
Open Transports by System & Chg Date This report can be used to identify old/orphan unreleased transports that are present in development systems and haven’t been changed since a specified date. This is useful to aid in the clean-up activity of unrequired transports
Test Results Entry Report This report can be used to give visibility to all test results entered for multiple Business Tasks or even a whole project. It will show negative and positive entries for each Business Task and any comments entered.
Change Analysis History Report When an analysis is performed the results of the analysis run are logged within ActiveControl. This provides a history of analysis issues along with the action taken by the user.
The change analysis history report allows this history to be reported upon. It gives the full details of the analysis issues along with the action taken by the user (e.g. Approve anyway)
Analysis Config Report The analysis configuration report provides a view of which analysis types are switched on for specific targets / locations in ActiveControl.
The yellow icon shows where the analysis is switched on for the location and the green icon indicates where it’s mandatory. Clicking on the items will show a popup if there are any parameters entered.
Import Audit Report (ActiveControl / SAP comparison) This report provides an audit of transport imports allowing imports carried out in ActiveControl to be compared to those performed in SAP / STMS so differences can be highlighted.

It can be used find transports imported via STMS that need to be updated in ActiveControl.
Delegation Details Report This report shows the details of all active delegations in ActiveControl
Task Roles and Status History Report This report provides an overview of the roles and users assigned to the selected tasks and an overview of the changes to both deployment and planning statuses
System Change Comparison Report The System Comparison report allows you to compare two target systems to determine what differences exist between what has been imported into each. A break-down of the missing transport requests (and Tasks) is provided enabling you to take appropriate steps.
Transport Merge Report The Transport Merge report should be run during and just prior to the release of a project (or upgrade project) that is currently using the “Merge” process.

During the merge process, Production Support transport requests are merged into the future release/project and this is either done manually or automatically. In either case, this report displays all Production Support transport requests and the corresponding merge request that they were merged into the project/release on.

This report should be run during and just prior to the project/release to ensure that the Production Support transports have all been fully merged and that no regression will occur when the project is set live.
Merge and Conflict Manager The Merge and Conflict Manager report provides a summary overview of inflight merges/conflicts, including an indication of how much time conflicts have been open.
Transport & Merge Recon. Report The Transport and Merge Reconciliation report is used to provide reconciliation from the original transport to all related merge transports along with an import status to show which systems the transport has been imported into.

It provides a linkage into all merged systems so the progress of the original transport can be fully tracked.
Transport Request Conflict Analysis The Conflict Analysis report is used to report on conflict analysis issues during the merge process. It can be executed for a specific merge target and all conflicting transports are reported.

Each transport can be double-clicked to view the object details.
Change Path Step Analysis Report Details the current status of each change step per Task, and also the user(s) assigned to each step.
Transport Objects Report Used to find out at an object level what is contained within Transports, Tasks and Projects.
Manual Step & Activity Report Used to get either a management summary of the number of manual steps/activities opened/completed each day, or to get a full breakdown of manual items.
Approvers by Target & Location Administration Report to help easily track what approvers are configured in the system.
Display Change Documents Audit Report to be able to track what configuration level changes have been done within ActiveControl. This includes config to (i) Targets , (ii) Approvers, (iii) Paths, (iv) Control points, (v) Groups, (vi) Admins, (vii) Analysers and (viii) User Roles.
System Rebuild after Database Copy Used to identify missing transports after a rebuild/refresh based on a specific date. When not run in test mode this can also be used to add transports back into the relevant import queue as well.

The above reports are standard SAP ALV (Abap List Viewer) reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel etc for further processing. Two additional Activity Reports are also available within the Windows GUI, these can be used in conjunction with other ActiveControl functionality not available with the ALV reports.

Accessing the ALV Reports in Windows GUI

In the Windows GUI, the ActiveControl reports are accessed via the Reports tray.

Figure: Reports are available via the Reports tray in the Windows GUI

Accessing the ALV Reports in Web UI

In the Web UI, the ActiveControl Reports are accessed via the Reports tab located at the top of the screen.

Figure: Reports in the Web UI

Accessing the ALV Reports in SAP GUI

The ActiveControl ALV reports are available via transactions in the SAP GUI in the Domain Controller.

Report Transaction
Task Status Report /BTI/TE_RTASK_STATUS
Transport Location by Project / Path /BTI/TE_RTR_LOCATION
Transport Locn by Date/Obj/Proj/Ownr /BTI/TE_RTRAN_LOCN
Transport Import Progress by Path /BTI/TE_RTR_IMPSTAT
Transport Import Progress across Paths /BTI/TE_RTRANS_IMPSTATUS_ALL
Build List Report /BTI/TE_BUILD_LIST
Change Metrics Report /BTI/TE_RCHG_METRICS
Transport & Task Activity Audit /BTI/TE_RACT_EVENTS
Open Transports by System & Chg Date /BTI/TE_ROPEN_TRANS
Test Results Entry Report /BTI/TE_RTEST_RESULTS_ENTRY
Change Analysis History Report /BTI/TE_RANAL_HIST
Analysis Config Report /BTI/TE_RANAL_CONFIG
Import Audit Report (ActiveControl / SAP Comp. /BTI/TE_RIMP_AUDIT
Delegation Details Report /BTI/TE_RDELEGATION_REPORT
Task Roles and Status History Report /BTI/TE_RTSK_STAT
System Change Comparison Report /BTI/TE_RSYSTEM_COMPARISON
Transport Merge Report /BTI/TE_RTR_MERGE
Merge / Conflict Manager /BTI/TE_RMERGE_CONF
Transport & Merge Recon. Report /BTI/TE_RMERGE_RECON
Transport Request Conflict Analysis /BTI/TE_RCONFLCT_ANL
Change Path Step Analysis Report /BTI/TE_RCP_STEP_ANL
Transport Objects Report /BTI/TE_RTROBJ_REPORT
Manual Steps & Activities Report /BTI/TE_RMAN_STP
Approvers By Target & Location /BTI/TE_RAPPROVERS_LIST
Display Change Documents /BTI/TE_RCHANGE_DOCUMENTS


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