With the Activity Logging BDEx Option enabled, the various actions that Agents carry out either from the Dynamic Work Center or the Customer-centric Hub are recorded in BDEx Sessions.

Each BDEx Session captures the Agent’s credentials, including their Agent Assignment details, together with the Primary or Secondary Work Request and Master Data Object along with the various Action details and timings.

Note that a Primary Work Request is deemed to be the key reference of any Work Request used to launch BDEx with,
e.g. if an Agent:
a) calls BDEx directly from displaying a BPEM Case using the GOS feature, or
b) if the Agent enters the BPEM Case Number in the Customer-centric Hub ‘Identify Account’ parameter, or
c) if the Agent chose the ‘Call BDEx’ action from the BPEM Case via the Dynamic Work Center.

A Secondary Work Request is therefore any other Work Request actioned by the Agent, during the same BDEx Session, that isn’t the Primary.

Details about the actions carried out by Agents can be extracted at volume using the Productivity Report (Transactions /BTR/PP_PROD_RUN & /BTR/PP_PROD_REP) using the following Selection Criteria:

Agent: User Name
From Date: Mandatory
To Date: Optional
BPEMs Only: Tick this option if only BPEM Case Work Requests are to be considered.

These Sessions can be analysed and interpreted using the following ‘Views’:

Show DWC Items Only: Tick this option if only those BDEx Sessions commenced from the Dynamic Work Center are to be considered for display.

  • Unfiltered (Raw Session Data) – All Activity Log details in range displayed

Field Contents explained:

DWC: indicates whether the BDEx Session began from the Dynamic Work Center
Completed: a Primary Work Request has been closed / resolved => Maximum value of 1 per Session
Secondary: (a) Secondary Work Request(s) has/have been closed / resolved => No maximum or minimum
Pending: the Primary Work Request has been left in a Pending state => Maximum value of 1 per Session
Incomplete: the Primary Work Request has been left open / unresolved => Maximum value of 1 per Session
Worked: count of Primary and/or Secondary Work Requests that have been closed / resolved
Handled: Total BDEx Session count.
Paused Time: Duration of ‘Offline’ Activities recorded for the period
Total Time: All BDEx Sessions accumulated for the period.
Productive Time: Total Time – Paused Time.
Productive %: Percentage of Total Time that the Agent was deemed to be available to work.
AHT (Average Handling Time): Productive Time divided by the number of Primary Work Requests closed / resolved
EHT (Estimated Handling Time): based on BDEx Resolution Time settings at the Class & Subclass level

  • Individual Sessions (by Primary Work Request) – The Activity Log records are collated according to the Primary Work Request (or blank if BDEx was started with just a Master Data Object via the Customer-centric Hub)

  • Combined Sessions (Primary and Secondary Work Requests) – BDEx Sessions are collated according to the Primary and Secondary Work Requests to combine the data into a work-orientated point of view. Note that this view will also seek to extract Secondary Work Requests that were completed during BDEx Sessions where there was no Primary Work Request, for example during direct Customer-centric Hub Transactions.

  • Team – The BDEx Sessions are aggregated at the Team (Organizational Object) level.

  • Position – The BDEx Sessions are aggregated at the Position level.

  • Agent – The BDEx Sessions are aggregated at the Agent level

  • Completed Aggregation – All BDEx Sessions that resulted in the completion of a Work Request (Primary or Secondary) are collated and aggregated at the Work Request Key level to provide a comprehensive set of metrics at the Class and Subclass (or BPEM Case Category) level.

In all of the Views illustrated above, a pop-up summary of the individual BDEx Sessions used to derive the following key metrics can be brought up by double-clicking on the following fields:

  • Completed
  • Secondary
  • Pending
  • Incomplete
  • Worked
  • Handled


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