/BTI/TE_INT_POLH Header for polling items. The RFC destination used comes from /BTI/TE_INT_SYST-INT_PORT
EXTSYS_NO Integration system number
SEQUENCE_NO sequence
POLLURL URL to be polled
ROOT root node for relevant entries in response
POLLCLASS Polling class (must implement /BTI/TE_IF_INTEGRATION_POLLER)
AVOIDANCE_MODE Algorythm used to avoid reprocessing. EXIST,TIMESTAMP,FIELDTS
AVOIDANCE_FIELD Reference field for avoidance mode

When avoidance mode is exists, a check is performed to see if the action is still relevant (i.e. task creation of an existing task)
When is set to timestamp, the record is considered if changed after last time it was processed
When is set to field timestamp, the value is reprocessed if the avoidance field changed since last time.

The action in INT_POLH must match a line in INT_PC with a class implementing interface /BTI/TE_IF_INTEGRATION_ACTION
This is not required for the traditional use in outbound communication.

Also, the URL in the polling should:

• be relative to the RFC destination (no http://.., just a path),
use Jira’s REST API (no /issues/?filter=10600, instead /rest/api/2/search?jql=filter=10600),
• the port and server will be in the RFC destination,
• user and password must be set in the RFC destination,
• Root = issues, default for all REST API integrations.


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